About us

The "Tea Magic" project was born in St. Petersburg in May 2015, our goal is to acquaint people with unique tea!

All items shown in the store are our careful selection! The main criterion is the highest quality at a reasonable price.

The main range of our shop - it is a Taiwanese tea, from a simple green to the rarest collectible grades. Also we are presenting Chinese puerh tea (Yunnan province) top quality from one of the leading factories located in the region Menghai - Chen Sheng Hao. Material for puerh carefully selected from the oldest tea trees, between the ages of 100 and more than 1000 years, famous puerh tea regions, such as NaKa, Lao Ban Zhang. Nannuo mountain etc.

We are constantly expanding range of teas to try to offer you a wide choice! With our positions are available in the online store or we can arrange a personal tasting.

Tea from Taiwan has a number of significant differences from the mainland Chinese tea. On the Internet you can find a huge number of fakes on the island tea, which are made of Chinese low-quality raw materials. In them there is a chemical aromatization, spraying chemicals used for flavoring. These teas have nothing to do with the original Taiwanese tea. All tea comes with a certificate of absence of pesticides and other harmful substances. We choose only eco-friendly product for our store!

On a regular basis we organize tea events, tastings and tea parties (Cosmic Tea Party) at the sites of various cultural spaces.

Since January 2016 we are working in the two capitals (Moscow and St. Petersburg)!

An overview of our activities and tea tastings:

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- Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/teamagic.shop)

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